Training & Consulting


Training is the foundation for both employers and collection companies.  We provide superior training to both sides.

Employers utilize our Supervisory Training for Reasonable Suspicion Training and Employee Training on the effects of drug and alcohol use and abuse.  If employees and supervisors know and understand the rules and signs of drug and alcohol use, you will have a better drug and alcohol testing program.

Collectors must know and follow the regulations.  In order to build the professionalism and efficiency of our collector network, we have invested considerable time, effort, and money in establishing an online professional development academy for our Breath Testers and Urine Collectors.

It is wise to invest in your front-line people. If our collectors are knowledgeable and efficient, they become the best ambassadors for our company.” – Lorelee Byrd, CEO


Keeping up with the ever-changing drug and alcohol testing industry can be a challenge. Employers with drug and alcohol testing programs are encouraged to get answers to their questions by contacting us and arranging a consultation.

Many issues can be resolved in a simple phone call – while others may require a more ‘hands-on’ approach. We are always happy to provide quotes and Statement of Work documents for companies needing that level of service.