DAT Software Solutions

Collections have always been the core of our business, but as we gained experience in the industry, we quickly learned that the old paper ways were inefficient and going to become obsolete.  Through using technology to develop solutions for our own office processes, we have expanded our business to offer software solutions to industry-oriented problems.

Collection Management Software

Dottie is our internally developed drug and alcohol testing collection management software.

It is a simple to use, cloud-based system that keeps all the moving parts of dispatching, collection reporting/tracking and billing processes in perfect harmony.

Until now, managing a drug and alcohol testing program required an enormous amount of labor and was prone to significant human error. Those errors endanger employees in the work environment and result in avoidable costs and stiff fines.

But now, with Dottie, employers can focus on program objectives rather than cleaning up costly messes.

There has never been anything that can improve the quality – or reduce the costs – of your drug testing program like Dottie.

Professional Development Academy

The MTS Academy is our online professional skills development site.  It follows an online university learning format and presents skills and testing procedures, all while being accessible from anywhere in the world.

Using the academy, our testers learn at their own pace, taking courses that include:

  • Federal Regulations
  • Client Testing Policies
  • Lectures
  • Video Clips
  • Section Review Quizzes
  • Interactive Examinations

Administrators can track progress of each tester, through the use of their own individual accounts, to insure milestones are being met. This learning environment can be used for both training new testers, as well as long-time testers that are needing a ‘refresher’.