Company History

Midlands Testing Services, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Lorelee Byrd of Arlington, Nebraska. She began as a ‘one-woman shop’ servicing the local testing needs of the Union Pacific Railroad. Her quality work and attention to the DOT regulations were quickly noticed by the client and she was asked to cover a larger area with each year that passed.

Lorelee has conducted over 20,000 tests as a mobile collector. Her institutional knowledge of testing inspired her to develop the industry’s leading software. From her vast experience, she knew the struggles both collectors and program administrators faced. The industry standard was dominated by carbon copy pieces of paper, spreadsheets, and faxes. Often the process was riddled with errors. Lorelee knew that technology would provide an efficient work flow for collectors and program administrators. Based on her experience, our software solution Dottie was developed and implemented to bring vast efficiencies to the our clients. Dottie is our in-house cloud-based solution for streamlining the entire testing process. The custom collection management workflow starts with performing random pulls, schedules tests electronically, and captures clear scans of all forms. For our collector network, it assists in tracking EBT accuracies and availability of contracted workers. For our clients, Dottie orders electronic chain of custody tests, manages follow-up programs, allows for data retention and quick access to information for MIS reporting. Dottie truly does it all for both collectors and program administrators.

In 2015, Midlands Testing Services, Inc. was awarded the national contract for the Union Pacific Railroad. News of the customer service provided to Union Pacific and our software efficiencies soon spread to other railroads.

In 2017, we honored to add a second Class One Railroad. With this additional large client, the size of our mobile collector network expanded into new states and areas. This was also the year that we moved from our offices to our new National Headquarters at 711 North 108 Court, Omaha, Nebraska. MTS upgraded their call center software and work processes. The call center staff now has each customers protocols and business rules at their fingertips the minute a call to our office is answered.

In 2018 we added a third Class One Railroad east of the Mississippi and this meant we now had a true coast to coast mobile collector network.

In 2019 another Class One Railroad came on board and we continued to grow and expand our mobile collector network.

From 2016 to present, Midlands Testing has added over 150 short line railroads all across the country. Other, non-DOT clients have also engaged MTS. The growth has been constant and with each new client we expand our footprint in the industry. We are truly grateful for each client.

With the additional accounts comes additional mobile collectors and MTS is proud to serve clients 365 days a year, 24 hours a day– anytime! Midlands appreciates each and every customer and strives to provide excellent customer service to each and every client.