On-Site Collections

On-site testing lowers the overall testing costs and eliminates risk points.

Here’s How:

  • Cost Reduction

    Upfront costs of on-site collections may appear to be higher – but do you know what the hidden costs of off-site collections are?

    • Lost productivity with the employee leaving the site and lost supervision of the business if a manager is required to go with them.
    • On-site testing keeps the employee at the work site and reduces down-time for the employee.
    • With no travel time off-site, there is more control over the employee’s opportunities to cheat on the test.
    • Sending an employee to a clinic after an incident increase your liability towards that employee and everyone the come into contact with.
  • Scheduling Flexibility

    Our collectors arrive when you want them to, 24/7/365.  There are no open appointment times when you call to schedule, and there are no open hours to worry about, as with a clinic.

  • Accuracy

    A drug test at a clinic is the easiest to cheat.  Unless the employee is monitored while they are being transported, they can stop along the way to get an adulterant or ‘clean’ urine. Escorting an employee from their work area to the on-site collection area (typically a company bathroom), eliminates the chances for substitution or adulteration.

On-site testing is used by Fortune 500 companies because they know it saves time, money, and lowers risk – and now you can too.