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On-Site Collections

Training and Consulting

DAT Software Solutions

On-Site Collections

On-site drug and alcohol testing lowers overall testing costs and eliminates risk points.  Our 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 days a year dispatch center can get a certified collector to locations in over 40 states in under 2 hours.

The benefits of on-site drug testing are helpful to any company Drug and Alcohol Testing program, whether it’s DOT mandated or not.

On-site testing is used by Fortune 500 companies because they know it saves time, money, and lowers risk.

Training & Consulting

A solid knowledge base is the foundation for success in drug and alcohol programs for both employers and collection companies.  If employees and supervisors know and understand the rules and signs of drug or alcohol abuse, they can act to improve employee safety and reduce exposure and risk.

With the world rapidly changing, maintaining a well-rounded drug testing program is no easy task.  Employers are encouraged to get answers to their questions through a consultation. Some issues can be resolved as quickly as just phone call – while others may require a more ‘hands-on’ approach.

DAT Software Solutions

Managing a drug and alcohol testing program requires a great deal of coordination and record-keeping – and is prone to a large amount of human error. The errors that are not caught endanger employees in the workplace and can result in avoidable costs and stiff fines.

With Dottie, our internally developed collection management software, program managers can focus on program objectives instead of cleaning up costly messes.