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Thank you for your interest in becoming a DOT certified sub-contractor to service the clients of Midlands Testing Services, Inc. (MTS).  Midlands Testing Services is a unique company that provides on-site alcohol testing and urine collection for drug testing to our railroad clients as required by the Federal Government.  While most companies ask their employees to drive to a clinic for these tests, we go to the client on the day and time as they request.  Most of the testing events are scheduled a few days in advance while other tests are “come right now” situations.

This part time work is different from normal part time work due to the nature of the railroad industry.  Railroads operate 24/7/365 and therefore the time of day of these tests can happen is anytime.  Most testing times happen anywhere from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM at night.  A small amount of testing is done overnight.  You would need to be available 24 hours a dayWe understand that people do get sick or go out of town to visit family, or go on vacation, that is fine and we understand.

If you have another job this is not a good fit.  If you are the only caregiver to an elderly adult or young child this may not be a good fit, especially if you do not have someone else that could help with your care giving responsibilities on very short notice.  The individuals who excel at this position are the ones that are able to accept the work that is scheduled in advance and accept the work if we need you to go immediately.  For some testing situations, you will be gone for 1 hour. For others, you may be gone for up to 6 hours.

As mentioned before, this would be considered part time.  You may have two jobs on one day and then not have another one for 4 days.  Some months you may have a job every day for a week straight.  The work flow is not known until we are contacted by the client.  Part time, but you must be available when the work comes in.

We will discuss the compensation for accepting the work during a phone interview but most of the sub-contractors we work with average about $40 per hour from the time they leave their home, perform the testing, and return home.  Accounts Payable releases payment for completed jobs twice a month via direct deposit.

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