Collection Management Software

Dottie is our internally developed drug and alcohol testing collection management software.  It is a simple to use, cloud-based system that keeps all the moving parts of dispatching, collection reporting/tracking,  and billing processes in perfect harmony.

The heart of Dottie is the powerful workflow engine, housed virtually in a secure and redundant data hosting centers with teams of engineers keeping watch 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Meet Dottie

Automatic Document Pairing

Dottie automates the pairing process for the collection information and DOT required forms.  Combined with an error-checking process, the system programatically pairs tests to the collection, reducing mis-matches and protecting companies from DOT fines.

Detailed Reporting

Forget sifting through spreadsheets and forests of paper for the insight you need. Let Dottie do the heavy lifting. Using real-time information, Dottie can generate reports that once took hours, or even days, in a matter of seconds. Since Dottie tracks every aspect of the collection process in a robust database, your reports can be as unique as your needs.

Executive Dashboard

Just the facts, ma’am.  Dottie is happy to deliver the high points in a high-level executive overview that you can use to keep your program on track. With the client-level customization, Dottie learns to work how you work and shows you what you need to see. Information that once took hours, or even days, to compile is now available at a glance.

Cutting Edge Automation

With a built-in audit trail, Dottie can watch for collectors that may be turning in excessive mileage or wait times and driving up your costs. This is one performance metric, among many, that can affect a collector’s score when Dottie is deciding which collector to send to your collection site.

Certificate & Accuracy Monitoring

Dottie monitors employee certificates and EBT accuracies to make sure everyone is up-to-date and no certificates are expired. Although notifications are sent out to make sure no one gets behind, Dottie will not send a collector on-site that is not active and accurate.

Fatal Error Tracking

Dottie can keep track of how many mistakes collectors are making.  As a collector makes mistakes, it affects that collector’s weighted efficiency score. Collectors who fail to maintain high standards are flagged until corrective training can be completed.

Collector-Driven Data Entry

Dottie places the data entry in the hands of the collectors themselves by means of a web portal accessible from the cloud. This eliminates errors made by data entry clerks that do not understand the collection process, as well as cutting operating costs for the employers, resulting in speed and accuracy of information back to the client.

Payroll & Billing

Since Dottie knows all of the collections that are done for your company, she also knows how to prepare payroll for the collectors, as well as how to create a billing file to send back to the clients.  The payroll and billing reports are full of collection-specific details so that reconciliation is a breeze.

3rd Party Integration

Dottie is a good neighbor. With the ability to receive, process, and return data to systems your company already has, keeping all the systems in sync is a snap. Eliminate repetitive and error-prone tasks, such as entering data into multiple systems, and allow Dottie to bring the information to you.  If you don’t already have a system in place, don’t worry. Dottie can manage by herself.

Until now, managing a drug testing compliance program required enormous amounts of labor and was prone to significant human error. Those errors endanger employees in the workplace and can result in avoidable costs and stiff fines.

But now, with Dottie, employers can focus on  program objectives – rather than cleaning up costly messes.

There has never been anything that can improve the quality – or reduce the costs – of your drug testing program quite like Dottie can.

Would you like a demo of Dottie to learn what she can do to help manage your collections?