Professional Training Academy

The Midlands Testing Services, Inc. Academy is our online professional skills development site.  It follows an online university learning format and presents skills and testing procedures, all while being accessible from anywhere in the world.

Using the academy, our testers learn at their own pace, taking courses that include:

  • Federal Regulations
  • Client Testing Policies
  • Lectures
  • Video Clips
  • Section Review Quizzes
  • Interactive Examinations

Administrators can track progress of each tester, through the use of their own individual accounts, to insure milestones are being met. This learning environment can be used for both training new testers, as well as long-time testers that are needing a ‘refresher’.

Collectors learn at their own pace by completing structured training courses developed by our seasoned training staff.  Our collector trainers are all certified collectors with years of collection experience in DOT and Non-DOT drug testing.  Each collector has their own MTS Academy account.  The system tracks their efforts closely to ensure that instruction necessary for regulatory compliance is delivered consistently and effectively to each collector.  Live, two-way video instruction is provided as needed over our Vidyo conferencing system.  This tool supplements the academy and provides instructor-to-collector training opportunities no matter the location of the collector.

Would you like to take a tour of our academy?  Are you a collector that is looking for continued training?